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Discord Date Picker

Discord allows you to format a date automatically based on the preference of each user reading the message. This tool will help you get the code you need in a few seconds.

You can also generate a nice and dynamic countdown until a specific date!

When sharing dates with people across many countries, whether they speak the same language as you or not, you should take into consideration that it won't be read the same way by everyone, which could lead to confusions.

  • People do not share the same timezone,
    one date could correspond to two or more different moments in time
  • They do not write the date the same way,
    some put the month before the day while others don't

For example, 01/05/2034 1:02 PM at New York will be 05/01/2034 19:02 at Paris.

Yell'O'Wisp Today at 9:50

Yell'O'Wisp Today at 9:50